Homestay in the Maldives: a similar concept to a home Bed and Breakfast …

A Homestay is a similar concept to a home Bed and Breakfast where you are welcomed into a family’s home to stay.

The Maldives never offered this type of experience or housing opportunity to tourists before. Most tourists coming to the Maldives are transported to a luxury resort and are not ever exposed to local culture, customs, and ways of life.

Recently a couple was invited to join the homestay and experience the culture for the first time. And even they have left a positive feedback…

Kyle And His Wife At Dhiggaru School

Kyle and I love Homestays and it is always our preferred way to travel.

The Maldivian people of Dhiggaru have been the kindest people we have ever met. They have welcomed us into their homes and their lives in a way that has made us feel like family.

We have learned about their school and health care systems, their culture, and their ways of life. This is exactly why we love traveling and why traveling and meeting new people is so important. Some moments we will never forget are the warm welcome from everyone in the town and the smiles from the men, women and children. The beautifully colored dresses worn by the women. The traditional Maldivian singing and dancing and seeing the Councilmen out there dancing! Lastly, it was incredible seeing and learning about the process of making Rihaakuru.

We are still here for another day and we can’t wait to share more details about our time here. It’s been an experience we will never forget and we are so grateful to the Maldives Ministry of Tourism, the local Dhiggaru counsel, our host family of Moorithi Homestay, Mohamed (Gadha) and our newest friend Ibrahim Adhil. Adhil is been teaching us and showing us his home island. He has gone above and beyond and we will be forever grateful.

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